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3 – Never stop practicing.

3 – Never stop practicing.

You set your narrow goal and reach it once. But once is not enough. You have to be consistent and practice a lot.

Here are a few deliberate practice rules:

  • Total concentration and effort. Just because you reach your goal once, it doesn’t mean you can get distracted from now on.
  • Immediate and informative feedback. Find somebody like a mentor or a public that can give you honest feedback.
  • Repetition with Reflection & Refinement. Take a moment of reflection between training sessions. Try to understand the feedback and decode it into actionable steps.


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I have always wondered if I could master any skill I wanted. In this post, I discussed the 3 keys of mastering any skill that I stole from experts in their field.

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Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is the commitment to a thorough concentration of training exercises intended to enhance a specific area of success with immediate feedback and potential for incremental progress through repetition and problem-solving.

3 Lessons On Improvement

  • Doing a light amount of work is a great way to reduce the pain of difficult sessions.
  • The amount of work that you need to do to reach your maximum level of output is higher than what you are doing now.
  • Deliberate practice is critical to long-te...

For feedback to be effective...

  • Be Specific;
  • Be Immediate: you wait too long, it can have less impact and make it harder for the person to grasp exactly what needs changing;
  • Tie Feedback to Goals: it gives the receiver a clear goal to work towards and reason why you’ve given them this f...

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