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#17: The Law Of Generational Myopia

#17: The Law Of Generational Myopia

We are born into a generation that has a huge influence on us. Every generation wants to separate itself from the previous one with new ideas and worldviews. During our childhood, we internalise these beliefs and in our adult years we close ourselves off to new ideas from the next generation. We are often not aware of the profound effect our generation has on us. We think that nothing really changes from one day to another but looking back a few years, we see that actually a lot changed.


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Psychology student with a passion for learning and developing as a person.

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene is a book that I think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

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Mindset is a belief system

It includes the ideas we have about ourselves and the world around us. 

These beliefs come from our innate dispositions, childhood experience and/or cultural/societal influence and are often entrenched.

The influencer

The influencer

The term "influencer" may not produce thoughts of profound social or economic disruption, but it has changed the way we measure success as societies.

An influencer selling us stuff is a powerful driving force of change and presents a new opportunity for entrepreneurial success.

Generation Gap and Different Values

  • As our parents are from an older generation, the things and events that shaped their world and their values are quite different from what we have seen in our formative years. Every child, no matter how bright or unique he or she may be is moulded according to the adults in charge, bringing ...

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