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7. Offer Affordable Shipping

For flat paper goods, it's good to make use of untracked shipping options like letter mail to make it cheaper. This also helps to entice the public to order from you.


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Offer free delivery, shipping, and returns

Offer free delivery, shipping, and returns

In order to obtain gifts for all their loved ones, your customers will most likely need to source products from several places. This means that shipping fees can quickly add up. Increase the chances of converting holiday shoppers by offering free delivery during the holiday season.

Automate some easier decisions

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  • Use a shipping service to get common items like paper towels directly to your house.
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Use Public Transport

Use Public Transport

7. Walk & Use Public transport

If you make a point to not use Uber or Grab in your home life to save a few bucks, implement this practice when you travel too. Worried about getting lost in a foreign destination? That can be half the fun, and you may also find a new place you wouldn...

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