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Shadowwork Prompts (Anxious):

  • Why do I need to be surrounded by others to be happy?
  • What do I fear about being alone?
  • What experiences from my childhood contributed to my attachment style?
  • What are some of my toxic things?
  • What are some insecurities around abandonment and rejection?
  • How do I respond when I feel my partner is pulling away (thoughts, feelings)?
  • What are some limiting beliefs I have?
  • How can I practice self-regulation to soothe my anxiety in relationships?
  • How have my past relationships and interactions contributed to this?


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This covers anxious attachment, avoidant attachment and fearful avoidant/disorganised attachment, understanding all 4 attachment styles, how to heal them and achieve a secure attachment style so that you can get and maintain healthy loving relationships, and STOP SELF SABOTAGING FOR GOOD!

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