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"Traveling" trough our memories

This idea may sound a bit weird and even sad, but it has a real potential of comforting and sustaining us when we are in distress. 

We usually are very negligent when it comes to curating our own memories: we push the important events at the back of our minds. But if we neglect our memories, we are like spoilt children who enjoy only a part of the pleasure from experiences and then throw the rest aside to seek new thrills. This is part of the reason why we seek so many new experiences.

The encouragement to think

Few of us dedicate their time to solitary thinking that can restore our spirits and move our lives ahead.

When we spend time in quiet thinking, we create an occasion for the mind to make some order and understand itself. Emotions and feelings become easier to name, we grow less scared of the thoughts in our own minds, and we are calmer and more precise about our direction.

A good mindset

The pleasure we find in traveling is maybe more related to our mindset than to the destination we travel to.

The core traits of this mindset are receptivity, appreciation, and gratitude. We don't have to wait for a journey to use this mindset. We can apply it to our own house and immediate neighborhoods and local walks.

A challenging concept

A challenging concept

French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal stated: ‘The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he cannot stay quietly in his room.’

His idea focuses on one of our common beliefs: that we must always go somewhere to feel and discover new and worthwhile things. Perhaps our real problem is not that we are not allowed to go anywhere it this time of isolation, but that we don’t know how to appreciate and to use what is already available.

Our own virtual machines

Our own virtual machines

We need nothing technical to help us focus more on our memories. Our minds can take in everything we've ever seen. We don't need a virtual reality machine. Our minds are the finest virtual machines.

We can shut our eyes and travel into the very best and most consoling and life-enhancing parts of our pasts.

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