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🏗️ Project Management.

🏗️ Project Management.

  • One of applications of inversion is known as a Failure Premortem.
  • It is like a Premeditation of Evils for the modern day company.
  • It works like this:

Imagine the most important goal, now fast forward six months and assume the goal has failed.

Tell the story What went wrong? How did it fail? In other words, think of your main goal and ask yourself, “What could cause this to go horribly wrong?”

  • This strategy is sometimes called the “kill the company” exercise in organizations because the goal is to spell out the exact ways the company could fail. 


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🔀 Invert, Always Invert!

  • The German mathematician Carl Jacobi, known for his ability to solve hard problems,
  • by following a strategy of man muss immer umkehren or, loosely translated, “invert, always invert.”
  • Jacobi believed that one of the best ways to clarify your thinking...


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❄️ More ways to utilize inversion in work and life.

❄️ More ways to utilize inversion in work and life.

  • Project Management,
  • Productivity,
  • Decluttering,
  • Relationships, 
  • Personal Finance.


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📈 The Benefits of Thinking Forward and Backward.

📈 The Benefits of Thinking Forward and Backward.

  • Leaders can ask themselves, “What would someone do each day if they were a terrible manager?”
  • Innovators can ask, “How could we make this company less innovative?” Eliminating those barriers and obstacles might help creative ideas arise more quickly....


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Inversion prevents you from making up your mind after your first conclusion.



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Inversion is counterintuitive. It is not obvious to spend time thinking about the opposite of what you want. And yet inversion is a key tool of many great thinkers. Stoic practitioners visualize negative outcomes. Groundbreaking artists invert the status quo. Effective...



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You can learn just as much from identifying what doesn’t work as you can from spotting what does. What are the mistakes, errors, and flubs that you want to avoid? Inversion is not about finding good advice, but rather about finding anti-advice. It teaches yo...



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💭 How Great Thinkers Shatter the Status Quo with Inversion?

💭 How Great Thinkers Shatter the Status Quo with Inversion?

  • Inversion is a powerful thinking tool because it puts a spotlight on errors and roadblocks that are not obvious at first glance.
  • What if the opposite was true? What if I focused on a different side of this situation?
  • Instead of asking how to ...


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🐎 Decluttering

🐎 Decluttering

  • Marie Kondo, author of the blockbuster best-seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, uses inversion to help people declutter their homes.
  • Her famous line is, “We should be choosing what we want to ke...


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⏳ Productivity

⏳ Productivity

  • Applying inversion to productivity you could ask, “What if I wanted to decrease my focus? How do I end up distracted?”
  • For example, some people take mental stimulants in an effort to increase their productivity. These methods might work, but you also run the risk of possible side eff...


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Inversion is an essential skill for leading a logical and rational life. It allows you to step outside your normal patterns of thought and see situations from a different angle. Whatever problem you are facing, always consider the opposite side of things.



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Great thinkers, icons, and innovators think forward and backward. Occasionally, they drive their brain in reverse.



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⚔️ Consider the Opposite

⚔️ Consider the Opposite

  • Inversion can be particularly useful for challenging your own beliefs.
  • It forces you to treat your decisions like a court of law.
  • In court, the jury has to listen to both sides of the argument before making up their mind. Inversion helps you do something similar.
  • What...


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🪨 Avoiding Failure Matters More.

🪨 Avoiding Failure Matters More.

  • Billionaire investor Charlie Munger encourages them to consider the inverse of success instead.

   “What do you want to avoid?” he asks.

   “Such an easy answer: sloth and unreliability.”


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💸 Personal Finance

💸 Personal Finance

  • How could you destroy your financial health?
  • Spending more than you earn is a proven path to financial failure.
  • Similarly, accumulating debt is a hair-on-fire emergency to be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • And gradually creeping into unchecked shopping and spending ...


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Hope these stashes were useful for you.

  • Just like a Premeditation of Evils, the idea is to identify challenges and points of failure so you can develop a plan to prevent them ahead of time.
  • To Increase productivity using this phenomenon, we understand blindly chasing success can have severe consequences, but preventing fai...


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🎨 Art provides a good example.

🎨 Art provides a good example.

  • Great art breaks the previous rules.
  • It is an inversion of what came before. In a way, the secret to unconventional thinking is just inverting the status quo.
  • This strategy works equally well for other...


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🔏 Relationships

🔏 Relationships

  • What behaviors might ruin a marriage?
  • Lack of trust. Not respecting the other person. Not letting each person have time to be an individual. Spending all of your time on your kids and not investing in your relationship together. Not having open communication about money and spending ...


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परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति ~ My Focused Discourse on Self-help | Psychology | Emotion & Intelligence | Engineering & Innovation | Effects & Laws | the Cosmos.

Inversion is counterintuitive. It is not obvious to spend time thinking about the opposite of what you want. And yet inversion is a key tool of many great thinkers. Stoic practitioners visualize negative outcomes. Groundbreaking artists invert the status quo. Effective leaders avoid the mistakes that prevent success just as much as they chase the skills that accelerate it.

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Project Management

Failure Premortem/ Kill the company: one of the applications of inversion, in which you imagine the most important goal or project you are working on right now, then fast forward six months and assume the project or goal has failed.

Tell the story of how it happened. What went wro...

The "kill the company" strategy

The "kill the company" strategy

The idea is to identify challenges and points of failure so you can develop a plan to prevent them ahead of time.

Imagine the most important goal or project you are working on right now. Then fast forward 6 months and assume the project or goal has failed. Tell the story of how...

Be prepared for the worst

In his own life, Seneca practiced “the premeditation of evils”.

If, for instance, he planned a journey, he would go over the things that could go wrong - a storm, or an attack by pirates. This way, he was always prepared for disruption because he worked it into his plans.


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