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How Can You Stop Procrastination?

How Can You Stop Procrastination?

  • While you are working on your target/task, restrain distractions. Because the internet and social media give us a sense of satisfaction in an instant, they lead us to be unsuccessful on the way of our targets. Thus, close all the programs other than you need for your work. 


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P.H.D Degree in Local Administrations and Urban Policies; Former Academician.

Postponers, you are not alone.

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How you can apply it

How you can apply it

  • Focus on self-growth and improvement. Read inspiring stories, rather than spending hour on social media. 
  • Sorround yourself with positive people whose outlook on life moves you forward, rather than holds you back.
  • Set some goals

Constantly checking social media

Constantly checking social media

This behavior is harmful mostly because switching context kills your productivity, so even a simple social media check while working on a task can eat up 20–80% of your productive time.

To change this, consider how keeping up with social media fits into your larger values and use the neces...

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