The Rise Of YouTube

In 2005, YouTube started gaining early popularity with short 3-minute videos, which weren’t a threat to mainstream television.

By 2007, there were presidential debates and short celebrity skits to watch. Music and cat videos ruled the roost for years before the influencer group took over.

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YouTube Vs TV

TV in the traditional sense isn’t what it used to be. The mediums watch-worthy content is less viewed on TV screens and more on the internet, especially on YouTube. 

Popular YouTubers are getting into mainstream TV shows not because they want to publicize themselves, but because the TV shows want more viewers from YouTube.

Youngsters of all age groups find Youtube celebrities in the same league as any traditional pop or movie star. These Independent creators are responsible for nearly five billion videos streamed daily on the platform. 

The Shoestring Budget ‘Anybodies’ mostly start with nothing but a Webcam or a Smartphone, showing their skills to the world. Their USP is their authenticity and reliability, which helps them garner the following of millions.

As advertising revenue gets higher(currently $16 to $25 billion per year), the YouTube platform is slowly becoming more professional and ‘TV-like’. The sponsors now sound familiar (like Johnson & Johnson or Nike) and content is slicker and longer, with better production values and less controversial stuff that might scare away the advertisers.

As YouTube scares away bad content, makes it longer, glossier and more advertisement friendly, it is creating the same corporate-friendly sameness that many despised in TV and thought of the YouTube platform as ‘indie’. It is a corporate transformation of a hippie place, where anyone who is not toeing the line can be barred from earning anything.

The 15-year-old platform to broadcast anyone and anything enjoys an unmatched status on the internet. 

Any video media whatsoever has to have YouTube in its advertising, promotion, and marketing strategy, making it the world’s largest public video hosting platform.

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A Marketers Dream

Millennials are every marketer’s dream, with more than a trillion dollars of buying power. They are also a challenge, as traditional TV and movie stars are not appealing to them.

Millennials seem to prefer YouTube influencers and social media celebrities for advice on products and services. Surveys show that popular Youtube celebrities occupy half of the top spots in terms of approachability and authenticity among millennials.

Social media is a stream

The information never ends.

To use social media effectively, realise that you can never catch up with all of it. Instead, partake in the conversation, then leave.

Before MTV: Video milestones

In the years that followed MTV, hit songs and their accompanying music videos would become linked in the minds of music fans.

But the format of music videos precedes MTV. There is an evolutionary chart that dates back nearly a century.

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