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Develop Knights before Bishops

Develop Knights before Bishops

While Bishops can control several squares from their original position, if there are no pawns obstructing their way, Knights dominate only their neighbour squares and take longer to reach the opponent’s field, because they are less mobile pieces.


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Don’t move the same piece twice during opening

Don’t move the same piece twice during opening

Try to place your pieces at the best possible position at the first move.

It is a waste of time to move the same piece more than once during opening and it may cost you the initiative in the game.


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Rapidly Develop All Pieces

Rapidly Develop All Pieces

The main goal of the opening is to develop pieces and reach castling as quick as possible.

Opening is complete when one or both players have their Rooks connected.

The player, who finishes the development first, gains the initiative.


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Just doin Philosophy

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