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Impaired relationships:

Impaired relationships:

Excessive use of social media can detract from face-to-face interactions and deep connections with others, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can hinder our overall well-being and goal attainment.


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In conclusion, while social media offers numerous benefits in terms of connectivity and information sharing, its detrimental impacts on our lives cannot be ignored. From addiction and comparison traps to decreased productivity and impaired mental health, social media has the potential to distract...


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Time sink:

Time sink:

Endless scrolling and constant checking of notifications can consume significant chunks of our time, leaving little room for meaningful pursuits and personal development.


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Social media has been designed in such a way to make us addictive. Social media can become addictive, consuming excessive amounts of our time and attention, pulling us away from our goals and priorities.


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Comparison trap:

Constant exposure to carefully curated content on social media can lead to unhealthy comparison with others, fostering feelings of inadequacy and discontentment, which can derail us from our goals.


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Procrastination is the habit of unnecessarily delaying an important task, usually by focusing on less urgent, more enjoyable, and easier activities instead. It is different from laziness, which is the unwillingness to act. Procrastination can restrict your potential and undermine your career.


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Distorted reality:

Social media often presents an unrealistic portrayal of life, with filters and edited photos creating a false sense of reality, leading us to prioritize superficial ideals over genuine aspirations.


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Decreased productivity:

Decreased productivity:

Spending excessive time on social media can fragment our attention and reduce our ability to concentrate on meaningful activities, ultimately impeding progress towards our goals.


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Negative impact on mental health:

Negative impact on mental health:

Exposure to negative news, cyberbullying, and the pressure to maintain a perfect online image can contribute to increased stress, anxiety, and depression, further derailing us from our goals.

If you are feeling you have this addiction I recommend you check and read this book on Ama...


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"In a world where distraction is the norm, the ability to focus is a superpower." - Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism


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I feel happy when someone Smiles!🥰

Don't skip, Everyone of us is in this trap of social media which has caused tremendous problems in our daily lives! Know dangerous impacts and also practical solutions to get rid of this addiction.

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