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Planning & Publishing

  • When to post content
  • How often to post content

The goal is to engage followers enough so that they remember you, but not so often that you overwhelm them.


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  • Know who is your audiance is and which social platform they use
  • Understand your goals
  • Create effective, relavent content

Posting the right content in the right places can save both time and money.

E.g. If you want to build community around your brand, you mi...


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Analytics & Reporting

  • Find out how content or campaigns are performing
  • Communicate results

Social media analytics tools can track and measure things like comments, shares, follows, or clicks. They can tell you how many people are using a hashtag or the number of positive mentions over time. B...


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Paid Social Media

  • Expand a brand's reach
  • Remarket products
  • Serve ads to highly specific customer groups
  • Grow their email lists

Social media ads targets to highly specific customer groups than than search engines.

By linking ads to email sign-up forms, business can con...


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Social Listening & Engagement

  • Track and anayze social conversations and mentions related to your brand
  • Respond to and engage with customers

Think of social listening and engagement like a conversation. First, a business publishes content. Then they listen to how their audience responds. By paying att...


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Radiant⚡ radiantsalman

Social media marketing is the practice of creating and publishing content for social media platforms in order to drive engagement and promote a brand or product.

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Dangers of charismatic leadership

Most of the dangers of the charismatic movement relate to this power.

  • Charismatic leaders lose support more quickly than other types of leaders.
  • They have to clearly be the best person for the job at hand – always and in any situation. This is why they often engage in a ...



An editorial calendar provides the team with a clear view of the tasks:

  • Allows the team to develop quality content in advance of publication time.
  • Enables staff in other departments to be in the communication loop.
  • Promotes posting consistency, which ultimately leads to...

Your social media post is one of many

If you post something online and wonder why nobody 'like' it, or worry that what you wrote was stupid, try to think about it differently

People might have missed your post because of the sheer volume of content they scrolled through, not because there was anything wrong with your post. Rem...

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