You're Not a Monster for Feeling Joy Right Now

A Great Relief

For many, the ‘daily grind’ and pressure of commuting to work, handling their bosses, and all the obligatory stuff, was too much. They are feeling a huge sense of relief as they sit at home and relax.


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You're Not a Monster for Feeling Joy Right Now

You're Not a Monster for Feeling Joy Right Now


Key Ideas

Conflicting Feelings

..of surprise, despair, horror(due to the news) and happiness are commonplace, and one doesn’t have to be guilty about feeling good, or bad.

The most common emotions in these unusual times are fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, anger and boredom.

A Sense Of Belongingness

Paradoxically, people are bonding better emotionally during the lockdown period, largely due to technology enabling seamless virtual connections, like Zoom. Many are starting to understand that they are all ‘under the same sun’, handling the same kind of problems.

Deep Gratitude And Kindness

Comfort: Apart from the negative news, there are anecdotes of encouragement and kindness displayed by people all around the world.

Gratitude: Many feel a sense of deep gratitude for the health care workers and security professionals who are risking their lives.

Excitement And Joy

Excitement: Many are experiencing excitement as history is being witnessed, with so much to learn and absorb. If you are relatively safe and secure, this 2020 epidemic may feel like a surreal movie kind of experience.
Joy: Introverts stuck at home feel as if they have gone to heaven, having the time and the solitude to engage in their hobbies, and spending quality time at home, in peace.

A Great Relief

For many, the ‘daily grind’ and pressure of commuting to work, handling their bosses, and all the obligatory stuff, was too much. They are feeling a huge sense of relief as they sit at home and relax.

Feel Your Feelings

These feelings are natural and are your body’s response to the problem happening on a global scale, affecting all humanity. The mixture of feelings that we all feel is a healthy process and is not to be suppressed. We don’t have to feel guilty or judgemental about our own feelings.



Vivid dreams

During the 2020 pandemic, many people anecdotally reported surreal and more vivid dreams than usual.

Some theorize that the onset of vivid imagery is a result of changing sleep schedules. O...

Stress about a global pandemic

The continuity theory of dreams hypothesizes that people dream about the stuff they're thinking about and doing while they are awake.

Some researchers believe that dreams have a functional purpose that prepares us for difficult or challenging situations when we awake.

Similar types of dreams

The biggest variables that influence your dreams have to do with your regular sleep cycles. If it is a very traumatic event, people will experience nightmares.

People are also thinking more about their dreams, which makes them remember their dreams better.

The movie Contagion

The movie Contagion

Contagion, Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 movie about a deadly pandemic has regained popularity due to the ongoing virus outbreak.
The movie is as much about the way disease gets amplified by...

Fear and manipulation

Contagion's subplots is about one man’s manipulation (Alan Krumwiede) of a climate of fear in order to make money. But it’s also about the way that the social conditions of the pandemic create an opening for the him o rise.
He spreads misinformation in service of selling a homeopathic “cure"; he pretends to be sick and takes the so called cure, to prove that it works.

Lessons not learned

It has become clear that the parts of the movie Contagion that probably mattered most have taught us nothing.
Compared to a single blogger selling a “cure,” the misinformation (fake cures, conspiracies, etc.) we’re facing today is far worse.

Self-isolation and parenting

Parenting while practicing self-isolation is not about doing everything a hundred percent all the time. It's about doing as much as you possibly can.

Something is better than nothing,...

It's really, really hard

It's hard to work from home and parent. Working from home full time during regular workday hours, care for your children, and sprinkle in a mix of homeschooling, is essentially asking parents to do multiple full-time jobs simultaneously.

  • Many parents relax screen time rules for now.
  • Get on a schedule if you find it helpful, or refuse to feel guilty for lack of a schedule.
  • Set up many FaceTime and Zoom dates with your friends and your kid's friends, and grandparents.
  • Understanding the situation of working-from-home-parents will go a long way by not holding their diminished productivity against them.
  • If you're a manager, there's no harm in announcing at the beginning of your conference call that it's OK if there are little voices from time to time.

Explaining the unsure future to children.

  • It is best to be honest when you have to talk about when a child will be going back to school or reschedule their birthday party when you don't know yourself.
  • You can say that some scientists think it would be a few months, but you don't really know yet. Then ask them how they feel about that and if they have questions. See what information you can find together.

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