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The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

What we choose to focus on profoundly affects our emotional and psychological health.

Insight: By selectively focusing on certain aspects of our experiences, we determine our reactions and feelings. The video highlights the importance of awareness in focus to steer our emotional responses positively.


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Theee critical questions that impact our life experiences: what we focus on, the meanings we assign to these focal points, and the actions we take based on those meanings.

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We can't really control our feelings

We can't really control our feelings

But we can control our reactions to those feelings.

By increasing our awareness of emotions and their effects, and then focusing on our thoughts, we can learn to manage our emotional reactions effectively.

Chapter One

Chapter One

A fundamental idea in Psychology is that all of the experiences that you have as a child plays a pivotal role in your overall growth and development as an adult. All of the events, feelings, actions an outcomes we observe is internalised and affects the way we choose to respond to certain events ...

The 'assumption of healthy normality'

There is an assumption that emotional pain and suffering is a deviation from a default happy baseline. However, it's incorrect. Psychological pain is everywhere. 

Research indicates that one in two adults will meet the criteria for a mental health problem at some time in their ...

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