7) What is the goal and what is the bottleneck? - Deepstash
7) What is the goal and what is the bottleneck?

7) What is the goal and what is the bottleneck?

First, define your goal. Then, think about the Bottleneck — what is the one thing that’s most stopping you from getting there.

It is a question that cuts to the heart of anything that we're struggling with.


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'If you can dream it, you can do it'- Walt Disney.

In the video, Ali shares 10 of his favorite and powerful journaling prompts that have had an enormous impact on his life :) What is your favorite prompt?

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Define the goal

Define the goal

Andrew Lansing, president and CEO of Levy Restaurants (food service and hospitality brand):

"I have found that these three steps can overcome any productivity hurdle: First, the entire team should identify what the true goal is for a project,...

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