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Finding Your Audience Is The Solution

Finding Your Audience Is The Solution

Rather than selling to everybody, you should be intent towards finding audience whose needs matches with your product persona the best. Even Amazon cannot sell to everybody. Neither can you.

Your highest priority should be towards figuring out what audience of yours will be the most attracted by your product or service. Where are they right now? Their demographics, interests and habits should interest you as the data will help you create personas that will help you connect more and thus sell more. P


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Learn how to grow your business by building a base of loyal customers who will recommend your business to others.

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Get to Know Your Audience

Start by creating a buyer persona, or a fictional representation of your ideal customer. This will outline who your audience is, including their demographics, job title, location, age, and general information about income.  

Once you have your buyer persona outlined, dig a little deeper by ...

Your Product/Service is High-End And Expensive

Is your product prohibitively expensive? Is it likely that only upper-tier corporations will have the capacity to make a purchase? If so, this is another strong indication that you should prioritize outbound sales. With a smaller pool of potential prospects to draw from, inbound sales often falls...

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