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  • Try as many things as you can to figure out 'what you are good at'.
  • Keep exploring, do what works for you, and know more from your consumers, viewers, and your circle. It will help you in improving.
  • Don't try to be number one in everything, sometimes it is good to be number four number 10, or number N, but do it for the sake of your happiness and what you love to do.
  • Don't let the 'Fear of looking stupid in front of people' stop you from growing, you should not stop for external validation.
  • Don't focus on your goals. Focus on the process, habits, and system & follow it. Find different ways to win.


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Just another homo-sapien

This piece of work is the journey of the author himself, telling and guiding the readers while sharing his own experiences. He describes selling, negotiating, generating ideas, public speaking and personal branding while stating that how our education system is not taking care of the important things.

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Creating outstanding heroes

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Ask for feedback

It's often a good idea to send your draft material to someone you trust for honest, constructive feedback.

Practice it in front of someone with a good eye and ear for impeccable delivery. Whatever you do, don't become defensive. Throw your ego out the door and apply what you learn.

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