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After all the humiliation and laughter, ask them-

b. now tell me, what I can do best?

Pursue the said/advised career for a while. If you also feel that's your strength, then congrats. If not, invite more people or friends again and again after 3 to 6 months till you find it.

c. Find a problem where your strength can be used best.

Either come up with a new idea, like Uber, or Zomato, or provide a cheaper alternative of the product in the market, but with better quality.

  • Work in that industry, and see how the entire system works. Find the problems and eliminate them with your product or service.


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Just another homo-sapien

This piece of work is the journey of the author himself, telling and guiding the readers while sharing his own experiences. He describes selling, negotiating, generating ideas, public speaking and personal branding while stating that how our education system is not taking care of the important things.

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Abstraction may work with a broad range of services.

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