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There are two types of having no motivation:

  • Procrastination: Avoiding something because it is associated with stress and discomfort.
  • Anhedonia: No longer enjoying activities you used to enjoy. It is associated with depression.

You can increase motivation by:

  • Physical movement, even if it is just a little.
  • Remembering your goals and staying connected with them.
  • Focusing on small but consistent progress and habits, instead of big goals that are hard to keep up with.
  • Learning how to rest and relax.
  • Changing how you think about failure and treating yourself with compassion.


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Psychology student with a passion for learning and developing as a person.

Dr. Julie Smith offers tools and knowledge from therapy to deal with emotions and life circumstances effectively, covering a huge variety of topics such as stress, confidence, low mood, anxiety, motivation, relationships etc.

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Kaizen — Japanese for continuous improvement

Kaizen — Japanese for continuous improvement

It means focusing on consistent improvements in your life, no matter how small the steps you take towards your goals. Becoming even 1% better everyday is a simple, practical way to achieve big goals. 

Motivation Engine in 3 parts

  1. Core. Your purpose. It is sustained by two things: Having Meaning, and Forward Movement.
  2. Support. What enables your goals. They can magnify the motivation core you have, or speed up the momentum that you build.
  3. Surface. Any type of external recognition th...

Motivation and Goal-directed Behavior

Motivation and Goal-directed Behavior

Dopamine drives goal achievement & staying motivated.💪

  • Dopamine is involved in (motivation, decision-making, and goal-oriented behavior).
  • It prioritizes tasks to help us achieve our goals.
  • Dopamine levels increase when we (anticipate rewards - put necessary effort and ...

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