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Stages Of Grief (Kubler-Ross, 1969)

Stages Of Grief (Kubler-Ross, 1969)

There are five stages of grief:

  • Denial: Denying the situation, saying it is just temporary.
  • Anger: Being angry at the person, situation or the unfairness of our world. It is associates with pain or fear, so look at what might be really going on. Perfom physical activities.
  • Bargaining: Ruminating about “what if" and things you could have done better.
  • Depression: Feeling sad and empty. This is part of the process. Don't surpress it. Feel and soothe your way through it.
  • Acceptance: Starting to accept the sitaution. You might not agree with it but you open yourself up to new things.


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The Five Stages Of Grief

The stages of coming in terms with grief are:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

These widely accepted stages are considered rigid and obsolete as modern psychologists update the understanding of grief.

The 5 Stages of Grief model.

The 5 Stages of Grief model.

One example of such integration is the 5 Stages of Grief model. While it might be not a universal one, it turns out that these stages map beautifully into fear responses:

  • Denial → flight
  • Anger → fight
  • Barg...

Good Grief

Good Grief

The five stages of grief are: 

  • denial (inability to accept reality), 
  • anger (physical tension, frustration, resentment), 
  • bargaining (magical thinking, pleading to God), 
  • depression (sadness, emptiness, guilt, sleeplessness, loss of...

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