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Habit Tracker Hub

Habit Tracker Hub

This Notion habit tracker template is a scope of 3 essential trackers: habit tracker, mobile habits page, and addiction tracker. It provides an overview of your daily habit progress and the tasks you still need to complete. You also can track your daily energy, mood, and productivity score. And with each new week, you can plan your weekly tasks using the ABC method.


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Habits are simple actions that have a significant impact on us. One of the key points in building a healthy habit or breaking a bad one is habit tracking.

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Keep Track Of Your Habit Every Day

It helps to know how often you’re succeeding (or not). Use whatever works for you: pen and paper of habit tracking apps.

A simple way to keep track of your progress is to mark each day you complete your habit on a calendar.

What bullet journaling can do for you

  • It's a mental inbox: You can offload your thoughts, ideas and tasks. This will help to declutter your mind.
  • It's a habit tracker: Every bullet journal can be customised. You can add "modules" for any goals with daily tasks to help you achieve them....

How To Keep Track

  • Paper: if you use a diary or daily planner, make notes each day if you completed your habit or not. If you do a regular weekly or monthly review, this is a great time to check back through your notes to see how you’re progressing over time.
  • Spreadsheet: you can set up a...

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