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🧠 Understand Ping-pong through...

🧠 Understand Ping-pong through...

  • Character A used the ping pong method to connect with Character B by asking questions about his cats (his matter of interest).
  • Initially, Character B was quiet and did not offer much information.
  • However, by showing interest in his cats, asking follow-up questions, and adding thoughts to the conversation, Character A was able to get Character B to open up and share more about his cats.
  • This led to a great conversation and connection between them.


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So here are the reasons why I talk to strangers: Because I never know what might happen, because the world is full of surprises, and because the very thing I am most worried about might turn into the thing I need most.

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Be a Good Listener: Tips for Encouraging Others

Be a Good Listener: Tips for Encouraging Others

People love to talk about themselves and their interests. Be an active listener, pay attention, and ask follow-up questions to demonstrate your genuine interest.

  • Be patient and let others express themselves

Ask the right kinds of questions

  • Show your interest and keep the conversation flowing. 
  • Follow-up questions can make conversations less superficial.
  • People are more willing to reveal sensitive or personal information when the toughest questions are asked at the beginning of the conversation....

Step #3: Bookmarking

Step #3: Bookmarking

Use the ‘Bookmarking’ technique to create a deeper connection by adding verbal markers or emphasis to parts of the conversation:

  • Future Mentions: saying something that will require follow up on later.
  • Inside Jokes: making jokes that refer to something inter...

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