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Misconception about procrastination

Misconception about procrastination

One might think that procrastination is about the thing or task which one is procrastinating around, mostly at work. Mel Robbins postulates that, in fact, procrastination has nothing to do with work.


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This short video delves into the idea that procrastination is more of a behavior pattern than a inherent aspect of a person's character, indicating that it can be addressed using a method rooted in scientific understanding.

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Breaking out of the procrastination cycle: Understanding the structure of habits

Breaking out of the procrastination cycle: Understanding the structure of habits

The good news: This behavior is learned, meaning it is a habit and not a bad personality trait. Habits can be broken with a science based approach.

To break this habit of procrastinating (e. g. seeking short dopamine kicks to avoid negative ...



Procrastination is one habit that most of us have. We tend to delay finishing a task or a project not because we are lazy but because we have negative emotions surrounding the task - boredom, anxiety, depression, and more.

It is a chronic cycle that rewards our present sel...

Wasting time: Procrastination

By definition, procrastinating means that you’re avoiding a difficult task—likely in favor of an activity that provides more instant gratification.

But it’s not just the fact that you’re not working that makes procrastination a waste of time. It’s also the fact that often,

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