Open to opportunities

Michelle Obama is open to opportunities that come her way.

She put her dreams on pause so that she could support her husband's presidential objectives. These days she's co-running her production company, and pursuing life as a motivator, outside from politics.

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Self Improvement


'Becoming' is the latest project under the Obamas' production deal with Netflix. The documentary is based on Michelle Obama's 2018 memoir.

She quickly learned that she had to be more reserved while Barack Obama was on the campaign trail. She ended up sacrificing her own ambition and describes her current situation as starting to own her own life again. She is free to be herself, and she has a lot more to give the world than she could when she was in the White House.

Refinement takes practice

Michelle admitted that it wasn't always easy to keep calm in the face of racism and all the other obstinate behavior they faced. She succeeded because she knew who she was and felt that becoming bitter would not make her victorious.

The lesson is that having grace for people takes practice.

Michelle Obama says people's stories are more important than statistics.

She feels humanity would be more tolerant if we learned more about people's stories and cared less about status indicators.

In Becoming, Mrs. Obama shared how she cried when they left the White House for good. She cried because of the profound shift that was taking place in her life.

While she never has to work again, her passion in life is to work on projects that inspire her, which means starting a new career at age 56.

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They value possibilities and they spark energy and imagination.

They tend to be creative thinkers who believe taking big risks can produce great outcomes. They are outgoing, spontaneous and adaptable.



5 Ghibli lessons to life
  • Cooking and cleaning can be fun! The way these films artfully portray everyday tasks encourages us to work hard even at dusting.
  • A human relationship is more than just romance. The relationship develops from knowing the other person, having a common goal, and wanting that other person to succeed and be protected.
  • We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, but we must keep going. It will lead to a positive transformation if we choose to act. 
  • We have a lasting impact on nature, and we must be conscientious of it. "Princess Mononoke" taught us that the war humanity wages with nature is a losing one. 

  • Hardship, while difficult, can improve your outlook on life in the end.

Michelle Obama and the appeal to emotions

Michelle Obama displays the art of evoking the generative emotions of hope and optimism in her audience.

Her approach is simple, yet grounded in brain science: start with an image that evokes an emotion, and then back it up with the logical implication. Your audiences' decisions become a natural by-product.

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