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The Form of Life

There are rules that we follow in our lives, may we be conscious of it or not. It could be a rule of etiquette such as not to sneeze directly at a person, or the unspoken rules that apply to how we speak our language and understand concepts.

"The form of life" is an ambiguous term used to convey the rules that we accept to go about our public interactions.

Each of us belong to different forms of life, we are subjected to different cultures, values, and norms that we often don't question, because it's just the way it has been.

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Self Improvement


There is a difference between style and fashion

While fashion and style are connected, they are not the same. Fashion relates to the collective, while style is more for the individual.

  • Individual style: Personal style is a means of self-expression. Even if an individual is a fashion designer, how they dress themselves is their style.
  • Collective: Fashion has to do with global trends and the business of fashion. When a fashion model become an influencer, their personal style becomes iconic, and their style then becomes fashion.
Striving for excellence

Many self-help writers are either telling people to work hard and be productive or practise self-care to avoid burnout. But neither advice is great.

If we only focus on getting by, we won't grow. If we become overly obsessed with ideals, we'll burn out. We need balance where we can distribute time effectively and in a way that leads to excellence, not just success.

The cause of an equinox

In layman's terms, the equinox happens because the planet earth is not tilted towards the sun while the sun is directly above the equator. This causes the equinox to happen.

So during this time of the year, both hemispheres get the same hours of daylight and night.

On a usual basis, the earth is tilted as it orbits around the sun, about 23.5 degrees. This tilt causes the difference in how much of the sun's radiation we receive at various times of the year.

Nihilism means "nothing." It is the lack of belief in meaning or substance in an area of philosophy.

  • Moral nihilism argues that moral facts cannot exist.
  • Metaphysical nihilism argues that we cannot have spiritual facts.
  • Existential nihilism is the idea that life cannot have meaning and nothing has value.

Nietzsche was not a nihilist but wrote about the dangers posed by this philosophy.

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