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CR Diet Numbers

Current United States dietary recommendations to improve cardiometabolic health and weight management emphasize a CR heart‐healthy diet of increased intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and liquid plant oils and minimal intakes of processed foods, added sugars, salt, and alcohol (65% carbohydrate intake, 20% fat, and 15% protein).


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The Importance of The P Component.

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Cons of the Mediterranean Diet

Cons of the Mediterranean Diet

  • Cost. Some consumers do worry about the cost of including fish regularly.
  • Additional Guidance May Be Necessary for Diabetes. Because there is an emphasis on grains, fruits, and vegetables (including starchy vegetables), meals may be high in carbohydrates.
  • Res...

Poor diet

Poor diet

We all know that eating healthy is necessary but not many of us practice that on daily basis. 

Many of us eat processed foods, junk foods, and foods rich in salt and sugars. Not just those, we often do not include vegetables and fruits in our diet. This habit forms the basis of a lot of dis...

You won't be hungry all the time

  • Don't give up solid food during a detox, as this can imbalance your blood sugar levels and potentially disrupt your hormones.
  • Do eat a diet that consists of mostly vegetables, lean protein sources, some fruits, raw nuts and seeds, and perhaps a mi...

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