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Exploring Personal Values

Discover your core values and beliefs. What guides your decisions and actions? Take a deeper look into what truly matters to you and why.

Identify your core values:

  1. Start by listing out all the things you truly care about and why
  2. Then, narrow down your list to the top three to five values that deeply resonate with you.
  • Understand how your values shape your life: Think about how your values have influenced your past decisions, actions, and relationships.
  • Consider how your values impact your relationships with others.


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Takeaways On Making a Core Values List

Research shows that the happiest and most productive people take daily actions in line with their core values and get more easily into a state of flow. This gives them a constant sense of motivation because they see how their daily work leads to a long-term vision, meaningful to them.

Your ...

Discovering Your Personal Values

Many adopt values from other pre-packaged sources, like a religion, culture, or legal system. But, by adopting a value system without reflection, you make way for personal values that cause conflict between your perceived beliefs and the actions you take.

To find your own values:

    Live Your Personal Values

    Live Your Personal Values

    Your values serve as an ‘inner GPS system’ that guides you through life, helping you make the right decisions and keeping you on track.

    Knowing and living your values will lead to a sense of balance, confidence and fulfillment.

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