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You have one day. Either waste it or use it, learn to plan your day and follow it. You are the main character.



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A great reader and writer. Here is the full series: https://dsta.sh/FWYHadQzx6CXdzrK7

It is the art of long-term plans, finding the right set of steps and the right goal. It will work everywhere such as games, study, social, etc. Master this art, and you will win at the end.

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Use “Gap Time” Effectively:

Use “Gap Time” Effectively:

  • Learn a new skill, either for your professional or personal life
  • Read books or articles you saved to for later
  • Organize your computer, folders, calendar or work
  • Plan your week, tomorrow, or the rest of your day
  • Listen to a podcas...

Improve Your Morning Routine

Improve Your Morning Routine

You can follow the 3 simple rule to improve your morning routine - 

  1. Don’t Look at Your Phone: in the first 2 hours of your day.
  2. Plan Your Next Day the Night Before: Make simple decisions today about tomorrow and plan the day beforehand.
  3. Integrat...

Long-term success depends on how well you manage your most important resource: yourself

Your brain works best at certain times of day, so learn when these times are for you, then plan your schedule in a way that lets you use your brain at its best.

“I like to think of mindfulness as one of those maps in a shopping mall with a big red dot that says, ‘You are here.”

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