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Superior Vs Inferior 😎

Superior Vs Inferior 😎

This is a great positional strategy you can use to your battles! Learn to apply this in your own life, you can use this by treating life's obstacles as the main enemy. (My recommend strategy in life.)

  • If you are superior, form your forces to one singular point. Group them up.
  • If you are inferior, scatter and divide your forces to multiple groups. Aim at multiple sides, focus on maneuvering.

If you know your better in a specific task, concentrate your energy, time, etc. In that. But if your bad, scatter and divide, do all the other tasks.


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A great reader and writer. Here is the full series:

It is the art of long-term plans, finding the right set of steps and the right goal. It will work everywhere such as games, study, social, etc. Master this art, and you will win at the end.

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