Humans are naturally predisposed to expressing emotions; some aren't,... - Deepstash

Humans are naturally predisposed to expressing emotions; some aren't, however.


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Set forth on a path to healing and self-discovery after leaving a toxic relationship. Acquire hands-on tactics to rebuild your life, find peace, and embrace a happier, healthier future.

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Beauty And Pleasure

Human beings, it seems, are genetically predisposed to desire and appreciate beauty.

Philosophy delves into the fundamental question of the ethics and aesthetics of beauty, as it can be both a pleasure and something of value, due to it being dear to humans.

Why would expressing negative emotions at work yield more positive performance? It’s because the alternative to expressing negative emotions is suppressing them, and suppression is cognitively expensive . It involves expending valuable cognitive resources attempting to hide emotions from others, ...

There are six basic emotions

There are six basic emotions

In the 1960s, researchers started to study facial expressions that matched six basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust.

Some researchers now say there are fewer than six basic emotions, and others say there are more (up to 21). But the idea remains that

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