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At the beginning of the relationship, these people are very generous with compliments; they will convince you that you matter to them. They seem to understand you completely at first but will suddenly change when they know they've won your trust.


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Set forth on a path to healing and self-discovery after leaving a toxic relationship. Acquire hands-on tactics to rebuild your life, find peace, and embrace a happier, healthier future.

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Communicate relevance

Communicate relevance

People are more motivated when learning is highly relevant to them and when they understand what they will gain from it.

At the beginning of the pathway, ensure that learners know what they will accomplish throughout the path. Relevance can be linked to job tasks and business objectives.

High-conflict people (HCP)

  1. Narcissistic HCPs: They may seem charming at first but think themselves to be superior. They insult, humiliate, mislead, and lack empathy while demanding respect and attention.
  2. Borderline HCPs: They start out friendly but can suddenly change into b...

Knowing Which Feedback To Ignore

Knowing Which Feedback To Ignore

You don't have to ignore all people, at all times, forever. No, other people’s feedback plays a very important role. 

But at beginning, maybe your idea will seem really “out there” to other people, even people you like and respect. So there’ll be a time in the begin...

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