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4. Make Habits Easy

Key Idea: Reduce the friction to perform the habit.

Example: If you want to eat healthier, prep your meals and snacks ahead of time. When you’re hungry, healthy options are ready to grab.


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Think about your daily routine. Maybe you want to be better at studying, get fitter, or spend more time on hobbies. Sometimes, making these changes can feel overwhelming, like you need to overhaul your entire life. But what if you only needed to make tiny changes to see big results over time? That’s the idea behind "Atomic Habits." Small habits, repeated consistently, can lead to significant transformations.

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To form habits, you must make them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying.

  1. Make it obvious. Don’t hide your fruits in your fridge, put them on display front and center.
  2. Make it attractive. Start with the fruit you like the most, so you’ll actually want to eat one when you see it.
  3. Make it easy. Don’t...

How to Avoid Bad Habits

Identifying the cue and the reward you’re craving is key to eliminating bad habits.
More often than not, you can quit bad habits by adding a little “friction”.
With this information, you can replace any bad habit with a healthier one that offers the same reward.

Unhealthy habits caused by stress

  • Emotional eating: Excess nervous energy can cause you to eat more than necessary.
  • Eating "accessible" or fast food: When stressed, we often eat what is readily available, which is often unhealthy options—for example, eating fast-food instead o...

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