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Identify Your Values

Identify Your Values

  • Values-Driven Decisions: Make choices based on your core beliefs.
  • Self-Reflection: Periodically check if your actions align with your stated values.
  • Simplify Choices: Use your values to guide everyday decisions.

Knowing your values helps simplify decision-making and reduces overthinking. 


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High School Reading Teacher. Book lover. Sharing insights to inspire discovery. "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." – Joseph Addison

In today's complex world, it's easy to get trapped in overthinking, letting minor issues consume our mental energy and lead to stress and indecision. Anne Bogel's "Don't Overthink It" explores how to break free from this cycle and enjoy a more fulfilling life by managing our thoughts effectively. Here's how you can stop ruminating and start living more joyfully.

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Identify Your Values

Identify Your Values

By identifying your core values you become more aware of what pursuits are worth your resources and can better employ them. There will be necessary tasks that don’t align with your core values, but you still have tremendous freedom to make your choices matter.

Discovering Your Personal Values

Many adopt values from other pre-packaged sources, like a religion, culture, or legal system. But, by adopting a value system without reflection, you make way for personal values that cause conflict between your perceived beliefs and the actions you take.

To find your own values:

    Core Leadership Values

    1. Respect: being respectable and treating yourself and others, regardless of differences, with dignity, empathy and compassion.

    2. Making a Difference: making a positive impact on the world around you.

    3. Integrity: being moral, ethical and trustworthy.

    4. ...

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