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Cultural Shifts

Cultural Shifts

Technological changes are driving cultural shifts in how we communicate, work, and interact. Understanding these shifts is important for managing societal impacts.


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Cultural Imprinting

Cultural Imprinting

Cultural imprinting is the mechanism whereby an ad, rather than trying to change our minds individually, instead changes the landscape of cultural meanings — which in turn changes how we are perceived by others when we use a product. 


Cultural Evolution

Cultural Evolution

  • It relates to the practices, methods, tools, myths, ethics, and social norms that are important in the evolution of our behavior. Customs that we learn from the experience of our parents and others – either by teaching or observation.
  • Cultural evolution is ...

Cultural Fluency

It's your behavior when the world unfolds according to the expected norm. When there's a cultural fit, we don't really think. We go with the flow. It is only when there is a disconnect that we start to hesitate.

If we start doing something different, like taking another route to ...

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