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Full Moon Insomnia: Does The Moon Affect Your Sleep?

The Moon And Our Sleep

A 2013 research on a different topic retroactively reanalysed the sleep patterns of participants and combined them with the moon cycle to see if the moon is affecting the sleep pattern. They concluded that the lunar phase does influence human sleep, and works like gravity.

Many studies have continuously debunked the findings of sleep patterns being affected by the moon, but the fact is that the moon exerts a tidal force on water, and can very well have an effect on humans, even though it is not measurable scientifically.




The Power Of The Moon On Humans
The Power Of The Moon On Humans
  • The belief of the moon's power to drive the emotions and feelings of human beings is well-documented.
  • Lunacy is the word describing madness, directly connecting it to ...
The Effects Of The Lunar Cycle
  • Human beings tend to have disturbed sleep during full moon nights, even if they are not aware of the fact and didn’t see it.
  • Many studies for research the effect of the lunar cycle on human beings produced mixed results.
  • For every study that confirms the phenomenon, there are also many studies that debunk it.
  • The effect of the cycle on tides suggests that it can affect our bodies, which are 60 percent water.
  • Animal bite incidents double during full moon days, something that has perplexed researchers.
Full Moon Effect: Confirmation Bias

Many claims that link a change in human and animal behaviour during full moon nights may be related to confirmation bias, a tendency to fit new information into something that is already believed to be true.

The idea of the full moon creating havoc in our minds, making us sleepless and violent is a legend that went mainstream, and could likely be stories of just a few people who are affected by the lunar force, and need to be studied more.