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Second-Level Thinking

Second-level thinking is a form of mental model that makes us map out the complex implications of the various decisions under consideration.

This helps us take into account the limitations of our minds and separate the signal from the noise.


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The Cobra Effect

The Cobra Effect

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Never stop learning new things, no matter how old you are.

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The Philosophy Of Alan Watts

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Understanding the concept of the self

The importance of living in the present moment

The illusion of control

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Developing Meta-Cognition

Meta-cognitive skills are developed by:

  1. Self-reflection by journaling, along with a review of your progress and personal changes.
  2. Using second-level thinking by asking yourself about potential blind spots or missing information.
  3. Usi...

The thinking problem

The thinking problem

Our brains must make sense of the confusing world around us by processing a never-ending stream of information. Ideally, our brains would analyze everything thoroughly. However, they cannot, because it is too impractical.

  • Thinking takes time, and our decision...

Time Travelling And Your Future Self

Thinking about past challenges that were resolved by us helps us get into the ‘glory’ mode and reclaim it in the present, along with envisioning a future point in time when things will be better.

Imagining our future self makes us harder to take the bait of instant gratification, and helps...

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