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The Most Common Cognitive Biases

  • Representativeness Heuristic: assumes that if something reminds us of something we know already, it is part of the same group.
  • Availability Heuristic: The more something comes in front of us, the more likely we think it is.
  • Anchoring Heuristic: Unconsciously giving a disproportionate amount of importance to the first piece of information that is learned.


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Attentional Bias: subconsciously we choose points where we pay attention to. A smoker is more likely to notice other people smoking.

Common cognitive biases

  • The Dunning-Kruger Effect: You believe that you're smarter or more skilled than you are, which prevents you from admitting your limitations and weaknesses.
  • Confirmation Bias: When you welcome information that you agree with while disregarding evide...

The most common biases

  • You’re focused on the time and energy you’ve already invested, or the sunk cost fallacy.
  • Your eyes are trained on positive cues -being overly optimistic and loss averse. Always trying harder and for longer.
  • When we realize we’re likely to fail at a job or other ...

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