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Betting on a hot stock isn't worth it

Despite news headlines on life-changing investments on one stock item like GameStop, it is too risky to make short-term bets with sizable sums of money on what a stock is going to do next. Instead, some of the most respected investors in the world have long said the best way for everyday investors to make money is to invest in index funds and hold those investments over long periods of time.

Most index funds offer low fees and will allow you to essentially buy the entire stock market. That way, if any one stock crashes it won't affect your portfolio. 

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When you're navigating through a major blizzard or hurricane, or another kind of event, prepping for potential power outages can relieve you of much anxiety.

  • Keep your mobile phone changed, your gas tank filled, and carbon monoxide detectors with a battery backup on each level of your home.
  • Keep a three-day supply of no-perishable food on hand and at least one gallon of water per person per day.
  • Have a Plan B for family members who need electricity for medical reasons.
Why math classes are dull

Math is often seen as something you get or you don't. Most of us sit in class feeling like we don't. The fault is not with the subject itself but rather with the way we teach it. Mathematician Paul Lockhart wrote a 25-page essay titled "A Mathematician's Lament", wherein he states that students who feel that their mathematics classes are boring are right.

The true nature of math is art. Unfortunately, we wrongly teach it in a way that would just as easily ruin any other art.

Speed reading
  • Speed reading promises to help anyone read at speeds of above 1000 words per minute with full comprehension.
  • The average college-level reader read at the speed of 200-400 words per minute.
  • In 1959, Evelyn Wood launched Reading Dynamics, said to increase a reader's speed by a factor of three to ten times while improving comprehension. The business was a success and eventually spread worldwide.

"Every choice we make in life is an experiment. Every day offers fresh opportunities to find better decision-making frames. We live in a time when data is more plentiful, cheaper to analyze, and easier to translate into action than ever before. Smartphones, websites, digital databases, and apps put information at our fingertips. But it only becomes useful if we know how to make sense of it."

Smarter Faster Better

by Charles Duhigg


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