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Working night shifts

Some jobs require night shift work, such as hospitals or 24-hour shops. With planning, it is possible to work all night and still get eight hours of sleep in the day.

While it is possible to get used to night shift, there's evidence that some people find it much harder than others.


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Lighting Tips For Night Owls

Around 17-24 hours after waking (shift workers or students): 

  • limit bright light to just enough that allows you to complete work to keep sleep and metabolism in the best shape possible;
  • if you want/need to be very alert, make the environment as bright as possible
  • It’s m...

How to Limit Working at Night

  • Turn off work devices before 10 PM and tuck them away. It is about making it difficult for yourself to work.
  • Put books everywhere in your house. Make it harder to work at night and easier to read.
  • Use sleep mode, if this o...

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To fall asleep, you need adequate time to unwind, even if you feel tired. Most people don't allow themselves enough time to relax before bed.

Lack of sleep makes it worse. When you get less sleep than the recommended 7 to 8 hours a night, you begin to accrue a ...

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