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3 Questions to Determine If Your Work Brings Meaning to Your Life

Three Questions To Determine Meaning

  1. Is your work creating an impact and having a multiplier effect on others, facilitating the growth of the company?
  2. Are you upgraded as compared to last quarter in terms of learning, personal growth and skills enhancement?
  3. Does your job/work profile provide you with meaningful joy?

If your answer is yes to these questions, it can be a good indicator that you find true meaning in your work.




Your work is your reward
Your work is your reward

A big mistake many people make in their careers is to treat work as a means to an end, be it money, power, or prestige.

When a career is just a means to an end, the payoff will be unsatisfy...

Choose an interesting career over a fun career

There are two basic types of speeches from commencement speakers: One is to “Go find your purpose.” The other is “Find work you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Scholars refer to two kinds of happiness as hedonic and eudaemonia. Hedonic is about feeling good; eudaemonia is about living a purpose-filled life.

But hedonic alone results in empty pleasure and eudaemonia by itself can become dry. In reality, we need a balance of enjoyable and meaningful. If you find something that genuinely interests you, it will lead to being intensely pleasurable.

A career doesn’t have to be a straight line

There are four basic career patterns:

  1. Linear careers, which climb steadily upward, such as the "corporate ladder" or the billionaire entrepreneur.
  2. Steady-state careers involve staying at one job and growing in expertise.
  3. Transitory careers are ones in which people jump from job to job or field to field, looking for new challenges.
  4. Spiral careers are like a series of mini careers. People spend many years developing in a profession, then shift fields seeking work that builds on the skills of their previous mini careers.