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The Wisdom of Insecurity

Understanding Comes Through Awareness

Understanding Comes Through Awareness

If a problem can be solved, to understand it and to know what to do about it are the same thing.

Doing something about a problem that you don't understand is like trying to clear away darkness by thrusting it aside with your hands.




The Zen View Of Morals
The Zen View Of Morals

Evil cannot be destroyed, any more than good can, because they are polar opposites of the same thing. Destruction and creation, chaos and order; opposite aspects of reality, in tension with one ano...

The Zen View Of Life

For Zen practitioners, life is transitory and insubstantial. There is no security and thinking otherwise is a waste of time. 

They also don’t believe in an afterlife. Reincarnation can be more accurately thought of as a constant rebirth, of death throughout life, and the continual coming and going of universal energy before and after death.

The Zen View Of The World

The word 'Zen' means emptiness or void. This is the basis of Zen — that all that exists is based on a dynamic emptiness. Which is also what quantum science says.

In this view, there is no difference between matter and energy. Look at anything closely enough and you will see that it is an event, not a thing. Furthermore, there is not a ‘multiplicity of events’. There is just one event, with multiple aspects, unfolding. 

Commercialization of spirituality

It's best to avoid the commercialization of contemplation if you want an authentic experience of meditation. Meditation has left the ashrams and become a fixture in the boardroom and livings...

Purpose of meditation

Meditative practice has no motive, except to experience the present moment. Simple as that. 

Meditation practiced for this reason transcends everything else. You can throw in the process all sorts of mantras and breathing techniques you can. But the point still stands, to meditate is to be in the now.


Fear is a universal experience. It is not a dreadful thing to feel fear when faced with the unknown. It's part of being alive.

We should become intimate with fear instead of treati...

Life is a good teacher

Things are always in transition. To stay with the uncertainty is the path of true awakening - relaxing in the midst of chaos, learning not to panic.

Mastering Maitri

Remaining present and intimate with the moment requires "maitri" - the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness toward oneself.

With "maitri", you're not trying to solve a problem or making the pain go away or becoming a better person. It is giving up control altogether and letting concepts and ideals fall apart. Thoughts and emotions come and go, but basic nowness is always here.