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Creativity: The Elusive Butterfly

Creativity: The Elusive Butterfly

Creative inspiration is elusive, and it is a common fact that some people are more creative than others. New research suggests creativity can be magnified with hard work and the right network.

Creativity can be ‘grown’ with the right soil and sunlight, and is not just a thing people are born with.


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Success is the sum of small efforts repeated every day.

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What is creativity

What is creativity

Creativity is taking what's already present and connecting them in ways that haven't been done previously.

  • Research suggests both creativity and non-creativity are learned. Some people are more primed than others to be creative but nearly every person ...

The Elusive Butterfly Called Happiness

The Elusive Butterfly Called Happiness

  • Happiness is an enigma, an elusive butterfly. Different people experience this fleeting feeling in diverse ways.
  • The extrovert personality types have a stronger, more positive link towards happiness, as compared to the neurotics.
  • It is hard to pinpoint if th...

Inspiration and creativity

Inspiration births creativity. Inspired people view themselves as more creative and show actual increases in self-ratings of creativity over time.

The link between inspiration and creativity is consistent with the transcendent aspect of inspiration since creativity involves seeing possibili...

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