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How To Build The Thriving Muscle

  1. Avoid negative consumption of news and media, and do not spend time with negative people.
  2. Watch your words, as what you say has a habit of manifesting. Saying negative stuff the whole day aloud will ensure that positive energy is far away from your environment.
  3. Repeated negative exposure can be contagious, hurting us and others too. It is better to stay neutral, in the moment and adopt a growth mindset. One has to focus on what can be done, rather than playing the blame game.
  4. Practice gratitude to stack up the ‘positivity bucket’ and counter the negative energy. An attitude of gratitude makes us happier and stress-free, assisting us in achieving our goals.
  5. Manage your energy levels by exercising, having a nutritious diet, and getting plenty of sleep. Poor sleep is associated with a host of mental issues and can be detrimental to one’s thriving threshold.
  6. Seek positive relationships and people who energize you, make you laugh and smile, lifting your spirits.


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