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5 Quotes to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Ken Robinson

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."

Ken Robinson


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A Common Pitfall in a Connected World
A Common Pitfall in a Connected World

Our world today is more connected than ever. And one pitfall in our hyper-connected world as it intersects with our business relationships and networking is a state of continuous partial at...

Face-to-Face Networking and Social Media

When attending a function of any type, it is increasingly common to find people paying attention to their mobile devices instead of effectively connecting with others.

While our desire to connect and be connected is a strength, we can lose the connection with the person in front of us when we simultaneously pay attention to our phone.

Working While Distracted

Most of us work at our computers with notifications switched on: email, social media and different streaming services.

It is very easy to lose track of what you were last doing. Continuous partial attention keeps you from being alert, attentive, and focused. Social media is great to stay in touch, but we need to know when to focus on face-to-face interactions and put notifications on Do Not Disturb.

Creativity is exciting
Creativity is exciting

It triggers some degree of surprise or excitement within us and gives us a new way of seeing things that we could not see before.

However, history and science teach us that...

What it means to be creative

Creativity is often thought of as creating something unique. But, most of what we experience as "new" is simply old stuff presented in fresh or unexpected ways.

Creative work also adds some kind of value to the world. If something is novel but doesn't add value, we won't consider it. If it adds value but isn't new, we consider it to be a rip-off.

Combining novelty and value

Combining novelty and value requires a lot of trial and error. It requires feedback. It requires understanding your audience and their values. It requires shaping and perfecting your craft over many years. For every great idea, there are hundreds of failed ideas.

And that is why creativity can get boring. It appears that creativity is really a skill you can practice and get better at.

Happier, Smarter, Emotionally Aware
Happier, Smarter, Emotionally Aware

Regular doses of creativity help us attain the countless health benefits and live better, more fulfilling lives.

Incorporating creativity into one’s routine helps us become...

Four Ways To Sprinkle Creativity In Your Day
  1. Journaling daily: Writing freehand in the morning for 30 to 40 minutes gets the creative juices flowing while making us mentally unburdened.
  2. A personal project: Writing a book, or starting a podcast are some examples of getting into a new creative routine.
  3. Singing, dancing, playing: Expressing oneself through our bodies sets us free and is better than any therapy, while making us more creative in other tasks.
  4. Sketching: Just like journaling, sketching is another form of letting go of our inner thoughts, mental turmoil and unloading all the emotional weight.