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The scientific reason you still believe in superstitions

The scientific reason you still believe in superstitions

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Superstitions provide reassurance

Superstitions can provide reassurance and help to reduce anxiety. The actions associated with superstitions can also develop into a habit and failure to perform the ritual can cause anxiety.

This is even though the actual outcome of the situation is still dependent on known factors.

Sporting superstitions

80% of professional athletes admit to engaging with at least one superstitious behaviour before a performance. Superstitions are known to reduce tension and give a sense of control over chance factors.

Within football, gymnastics, and athletics, competitors are found to pray for success, checking their appearance and dressing well to feel in control. They also wear lucky charms.

Superstitions can promote both positive and negative attitudes

  • Superstitious beliefs promote a positive mental attitude, but it can lead to irrational decisions, such as trusting in good luck rather than sound decision making. For example, carrying charms or wearing certain clothes.
  • Superstitions can also give rise to the idea that objects and places are cursed, such as the Annabelle Doll who is said to be inhabited by the spirit of a dead girl, or the number 666 that is associated with evil things.

A belief in supernatural forces

A belief in supernatural forces

Superstitious individuals believe in fate as a way to resolve uncertainty and gain some sense of control. They look for a connection between co-occurring, non-related events, such as the idea that charms promote good luck.

The superstitious individuals' beliefs and experiences drive superstitions, explaining why they are irrational.

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