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Zen Freedom

Freedom thinking is freedom. Attachment thinking is hindrance.

Suppose your parents say, ‘Your shirt is dirty; you must change it!’ If you say, ‘No, I won't change; I am free!’, then you are attached to your dirty shirt or to your freedom itself.

So you are not free. If you are really free, then dirty is good and clean is good. It doesn't matter. Not changing my shirt is good; changing my shirt is good. If my parents want me to change, then I change. I don't do it for my own sake, only for theirs. This is freedom. No desire for myself, only for all people.


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Zen Circle

Zen Circle

Zen can be explained through a ⭕. There are 5 points on the circle. Let's see how each point answers if a 📚 is different from a 🖊️:

  • O°: you start from full attachment and suffering. The book and pencil are different.
  • 90°: no more thinking. The book is the pencil ...


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The mind is like the sea

The mind is like the sea

When the wind 🌬️ comes, there are big waves 🌊. When the wind dies down, the waves become smaller and smaller. Until finally the wind disappeares and the sea is clear like a mirror.

Then all mountains & trees & all things are reflected on...


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Are the mountain and you the same or different?

Are the mountain and you the same or different?

If you say "the same" I will hit you 30 times. If you say "different" I will hit you 30 times. Why?

Before thinking there are no words. "same" & "different" are opposite words, they are thinking mind. The right ...


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3 levels of Enlightenment

  • First Enlightenment: understand that form is emptiness and emptiness is form. "Is this a stick or not? If you say it is you are attached to form, if you say it isn't you are attached to emptiness."
  • Original Enlightenment: no form, no emptin...


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Helping other people, the Zen way

How can you help people who don't understand? People who are not listening?

These types of questions releveal a strong ego. Why should you change people? Why should they listen to you? One has to keep a beginner mind and have a mind like a mirror. When red looks into a mirror ...


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The Substance

All in existence is made of the same substance. All the names and categories are made from our 🤔. Thinking takes away from the Substance.

Some said this substance is energy, God or matter. The Substance is Absolute.

This idea is a blend of Taoism combined with Buddhist concepts.


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My Dharma is too expensive

A student asked master Huang Bong to teach him Dharma but the master said it is too expensive.

The student offered him all the money he had only to get the same answer. After intense study he offered his life, then his mind but got the same answer.

Finally he said that the sky is b...


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Help people through actions not words

Words are not a good way to help others. It shows attachment to words, forms and concepts.

A truly great man has no words or speech—only action.


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Before thinking

To understand the truth, you must let go of the situation. A clear mind has no inside and no outside. A clear mind is clear of thinking.

2 Buddhist monks were fighting over a flag. One said the flag was moving. The other said the wind is. The master however said it was...


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Mind has no inside or outside

Mind is the tendency of the self which goes out to do actions. When it goes inside, it becomes the self, and when it is outside, it does things in the world.

The mind is no separate entity, it is not a modification of anything, it is nothing but consciousness. When the univ...


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Meet the Buddha, Kill the Buddha

Meet the Buddha, Kill the Buddha

The Buddhist sage Lin Chi told a monk, "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." He meant that those who think they've found all the answers in any religion need to start questioning.

Religion keeps the stu...


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The don‘t know mind

What are you? You don't know. There is only "I don't know". Always keep this don't know mind with you, and your mind will become clear. And only then you will understand.

Throw away all your opinions and only keep the mind that does not know. That is the mind before thinkin...


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Seung Sahn SOEN-SA

Craziness is good. Crazy people are happy, free, they have no hindrance. But since you have many attachments you are only a little crazy. This is not enough crazy. You must become completely crazy. Then you will understand.



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Desire & Aspiration

Are two different things. There is an "I" when you say "I want to get enlightened." This is desire. Ego. Small I.

But aspiration transcendens the idea of self. It is desire without attachment.


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Life-long learner. Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, Buddhism & SF. Founder @deepstash.


Choose freedom

What is freedom?

Freedom is the courage to be disliked by others.

Oh that person just stared you because you were wearing a weird T-shirt, So what? That person dislikes you because you just did what he doesn't like but you do, so what?

Zen Circle

Zen Circle

Zen can be explained through a ⭕. There are 5 points on the circle. Let's see how each point answers if a 📚 is different from a 🖊️:

  • O°: you start from full attachment and suffering. The book and pencil are different.
  • 90°: no more thinking. The book is the pencil ...

Freedom and Responsibility

When we realize that no one is there for us, and we are ourselves responsible for our lives, and the future, we don’t have anyone to blame. We cannot say our parents made us like this, or give the excuse of our inactivity to some circumstance or situation because we are free.


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