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The Average Face

As we tend to view an individual to be like the group they are associated with, the face of the individual is blended with other faces in the group, making it more attractive that it may be.

The average face is also high in its attractiveness quotient, as it provides the features that are the most common.


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On Being Average

It seems we have created a distorted view of being average, and consequently, we try to avoid it at all costs.

 A study on averageness shows just how skewed our perspective is. Participants overall tended to label their own abilities as above average, but the study also found evidence that ...

The biology of attractive faces

Researchers have discovered two universal characteristics that contribute to the attractiveness of a woman’s face.

  • The amount of color contrast around the eyes and lips.

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The 'fresh face' effect

Researchers wanted to test the idea that new faces can make a huge impact. They used Doctor Who from the world of television. Doctor Who is a science-fiction programme where the Doctor solves crimes and saves planets. Doctor Who regenerates rather than dies. Thirteen lead actors ...

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