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Practical Ways to Improve your Concentration while Studying or Acquiring new skills

Practical Ways to Improve your Concentration while Studying or Acquiring new skills

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Know your Time

Every individual has exactly the same time but the behavior of spending their time is different. Whether you want to read a book or browse a Youtube feed, it depends on you what to do. Whether you want to be lost on Facebook feeds or Quora’s page, it depends on you. Your time is all yours.

Time Blocking + Deep Work Technique

Our brain is very weak at performing multiple tasks at the same time. Being able to perform multiple tasks is excellent. But that thing is only limited to performing a task or physical task. Perhaps to study a book or solve problems you will require a full concentration on that particular thing. You may solve two problems at once, but it will take a moment to regain that ultimate focus you’ve built performing the thing for some amount of time.

Adjusting the Environment

The secret of intense focus also depends on what’s in your environment. If you living with a small sister/brother who constantly asks you to help them browse the weirdest thing on the Internet or a mother who constantly requests you to help her on a household task. You will never be able to concentrate if your attention is dragged by some weirdest noise around your house or gossips outside your room. You’ve to adjust your environment to be able to have an intense focus on something.

Meditate and Review your Progress

Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. 

When you meditate, you may clear away the information overload on your brain that builds up every day which contributes to your stress. It’s true when you performing multiple things a day, your brain stores a huge amount of information that breaks your concentration easily.

Right gadgets you should consider investing in

It’s true, the right gadget can increase your productivity. You just have to be comfortable for a long hour of intense work.

  • To make your room, even more, quieter you can wear headphones to suppress some distracting noise.

(But as I said, you don’t require Expensive Gadgets to be productive, it depends on your will to be productive)

  • Instead of using a dining chair to study, invest in a good office chair, according to your budget.
  • Invest in a good and large desk.

Know your limits and take a break

We are not a huge computer. We are not made to do a huge amount of tasks continuously for long hours, even if we are able to perform a task continuously, in the long run, it will directly affect our productivity. Thus, we will burnout.

Before you burnout, it’s always to take a step back and stay away from your work for some time. If possible, meditate on the long breaks or visit your nearby parks each evening or morning.

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