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Black Holes: Going From The Event Horizon To The Center

If the event horizon is breached, it is impossible not to get sucked into the gravity towards the point of singularity, from which not even light can escape. One then cannot control their own movements and are now headed straight towards the centre.

Before one gets sucked inside a black hole, which is often a million times bigger than the sun, one gets a few moments to experience this magnanimous mystery of the universe.


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Event horizon

If you look directly at a black hole it looks like nothing. the space is under their control is blocked by an invisible one way border called the event horizon.

The event horizon forms a sheel around a region of space that, once entered, is shielded from the rest o...

Black Holes: The Dark Stars

Black Holes: The Dark Stars

A black hole is, like the name itself, a point of singularity and infinite density, which remains invisible, much like the event horizon, which is the surface.

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  • As a person (hypothetically) is pulled towards singularity, the difference in gravity is greatly felt, mainly due to the mass of the black hole being concentrated in an infinitely tiny point.
  • The body is stretched and squeezed, as the extreme gravity changes the shape of everythin...

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