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Ludwig Wittgenstein

The limits of language are the limits of one’s world.



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As an engineer with an official degree in software engineering, I am primarily interested in science and technology. I enjoy reading literature of many genres, and I especially like those from human behavior, sociology, history, and, should I say, science

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The Limits Of Language

The Limits Of Language

The limits of language are the limits of our world. Meaningful language can only describe what can be logically represented, and what falls outside this realm should remain unsaid.

Language And The Mind - The Writers’ Perspective

Many great thinkers have drawn a strong connection between language and the mind. Oscar Wilde called language “the parent, and not the child, of thought”; Ludwig Wittgenstein claimed that “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world”; and Bertrand Russell stated that the role of...

Again, Not A Scenario. It’s A Reality, Called Global Aphasia.

The condition described above is known as global aphasia. It arises from severe damage to the brain, often as a result of a massive stroke. While some aphasias are temporary, in some cases the damage is irreparable, and the person may lose language for life. In your case, let’s say that a dozen d...

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