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6. Kill them with a smile

6. Kill them with a smile

In a study, women were asked to look at other women's pictures in four poses: Smiling with one pose, smiling with another pose, not smiling with one pose, and not smiling with a different pose.

it was conclued that smiling women were liked more than other women.

Next time, begin your conversation with a huge smile.


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7. Be a little vulnerable

7. Be a little vulnerable

Jim Taylor revealed that emotional openness could bond two people together fast.

A study by Illinois State University revealed that people who express more or showed some weakness gained other people's likeliness.  

This strategy should be used with a trusted...


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2. Make them blush with instant praise

2. Make them blush with instant praise

Studies show that when you compliment other people, people usually associate those qualities with you too.

For instance, if you describe someone as kind, people will associate you with kindness. The opposite is also true. 

Next time you talk with people, thin...


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3. Share similar stories

3. Share similar stories

A study revelead that people with similar life experiences bond quickly. This is called the similarity-attraction effect.

The next time you want to impress someone, share some similar stories and win their heart over. 


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6. People love talking about themselves

6. People love talking about themselves

Science proved that everyone loves talking about themselves.

When people talked about themselves, the brain region that deals with reward and motivation got activated.

When you let other people share their story, they take it as a positive interaction and like...


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1. Mirroring the person

1. Mirroring the person

In a study, people who mimicked their partners were liked more than those who didn't.

Mirror the way the other person talks, his/her gestures, the facial expression and body language. It will benefit your conversations.


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5. Have a sense of humor

5. Have a sense of humor

Laughter acts as social glue between two people. 

When you laugh with other people, it makes you likable.

So do some experiments and try to make your interlocutor laugh more. 


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gretchen rubin

“Whatever you say about other people influences how people see you.”



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